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The membership website where pilot car drivers connect with oversize loads


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Pilot Car Manager is an online Load Board that helps:

  • oversize load trucks seeking pilot car drivers
  • pilot car drivers seeking oversize loads to escort

Pilot Car Manager was established in 2006, creating a unique online community where pilot car drivers can connect with oversize load trucks (truck drivers and/or trucking companies).

Members can search and/or post loads 24 hours a day, everyday. Members can also sign up to receive email and text alerts when oversize loads are posted seeking pilot car drivers.

This map shows how we send load alerts by region:

Oversize loads looking for pilot cars by region

Email and Text Messages are sent to region where load is located.
Read more about Load Alerts and How to Sign-Up!

This load alert system is included in $99 annual membership. Most members get their return on investment with their first job.
For pilot car drivers, you could book a job that pays $500 or $1,000 or more, and connect you with companies that you'll do repeat business with for years. Join Today!

There is no charge for trucking companies, truck drivers, or brokers to find qualified and certified pilot car drivers to escort your oversize loads. Simply complete the online form to post a load, and we'll notify pilot car drivers in the region where your load starts.


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